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The Lemireart's automotive artworks and illustrations are created by Canadian artist, Alain Lemire for classic and modern passionate automotive beauty owners, collectors, and die hard fans. 

They may be done in factory or custom look, to match the customers ride or 4 wheels dream. Lemireart digital artworks are using high end archival printing technology for a better conservation in time. Automotive portraits have been sold mostly in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.


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A selection of classic automotive beauty customizable illustrations

A selection of modern high-performance automotive beauty customizable drawn portraits

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 Camaro ZL1 (G6) - Camaro SS 1LE (G6) - Camaro ZL1 (G5)
Camaro ZL1 (G6) - Camaro SS 1LE (G6) - Camaro ZL1 (G5)

Alain has completed several pieces for me of Camaros I currently own and have owned previously.


They are all framed in my home.  The quality is unparalleled and the attention to detail is nothing short of fantastic.


He is open to creating art that is tailored to my specific vehicles, even down to the color of brake calipers and emblems. 


He is quick to respond to questions and always makes sure to check his creations with me before printing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for something similar. Thank you!


- Jacob from Missouri

Alain Lemire thank you.

The man!

The myth!

The legend!

I really appreciate your expertise!

Great work. I think it represents everything my dad would have wanted.


- Adam from Martinsburg, West Virginia



Ordered 1st to match my white Camaro IROC-Z. There is such amazing work and details in the artwork.


I decided to order another to match my dark red 89 Camaro IROC-Z.


I definitely recommend and I pass on to my groups!!!

I’ve been in touch with Lemireart and it’s easy to get information and details that you would like to know.


So amazed with progress and set up on getting process completed. The approbation images are exactly what expected, great communication.


- Kenneth Carter from Calgary, Alberta

Mustang GT Ford 100th years edition 2003 2004

Lemireart is offering automotive portraits since 2003, first from Ebay and since 2015, from also this website


We also offer a 14”X20” owner print with the car VIN and owner name written on the print. Personal touches like custom wheels, tire lettering changes, custom body color and stripes may also be done with extra cost.


The top left picture shows a proud 2004 Mustang GT 100th Ford anniversary special edition owner holding the framed print deliver by Lemireart. We added the 100 years of Ford logo on the print to custumize it to match the car feature.


It’s possible to order some of those auto print online right here, on this web site.


Alain Lemire automotive portraitist, Alain Lemire portraitiste automobile

Since 2001, I have created fabulous artwork for the Lemireart Ebay Store. I also do other kinds of artworks like human portraits, landscape and wildlife art.

As a professional illustrator working for a book editor, I create approximativly 3000 digital illustrations from 1999 up to 2010. They were used in visual dictionaries publish by prestigious international book editors like Merriam-Webster (USA), QAI (Canada), De La Martinière (France) and Giunti (Italia) just to name a few.


I hope to have you as a customer soon!


- Alain Lemire, CEO of Lemireart


From 2001 to 2013, we're been selling limited edition prints and owner prints on Ebay.

The main subject of the print were muscle, sport and classic cars.


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