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Lamborghini STO illustration, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63 Spider

Description of this illustration project

Description of the illustration project


This illustration was created as part of a list of 4 super sports cars seen at an event held at Lamborghini Montreal in June 2022. The Huracan STO and the Aventador SVJ 63 Spider were chosen for their aggressive look and the fact that they were featured at the event.


The liste was published on a french car collector blog as the principal image.


Technical specifications of the illustration

- Dimensions of the line drawing: 11 inches wide

- Format provided: jpeg

- Realization time: 3 days

- Techniques used:

   - Lead pencil on paper for the outlines

   - Colors were added in an illustration software

   - Addition of a texture to create traditional techniques effect

The line drawing

The 2 Lamborghinis have been photographed separately. A photo montage was done using the Huracan STO building background.


The final line drawing was made from this montage which shows to all the decision-makers of the project.

The color process

The coloring of the linear drawing was done according to the photomontage of the beginning. The final rendering was faded to give a slightly watercolor look.


The line drawing was tinted a bit brown to enhance the traditional look and feel of the illustration.

The publication context

The illustration was used as the main image of a bilingual article that highlight 4 supercars exhibited at the event.



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