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This is it!


For the 4th year in a row, I present my review of Lemireart activities in 2022. You will notice a decrease in new portraits drawn this year compared to past years. 


The increase in gas prices during the summer has reduced my sales as well as the training program on "How to get professional illustration contracts" in automotive illustration and get paid for that I followed with Ëlodie Illustration and that took my time.





Presentation of the Camaro ZL1 1LE linear drawing


2022 will have seen the Camaro ZL1 1LE drawn by my good care.


This more detailed than usual drawing will be offered in a very limited quantity of 4 copies for more exclusivity.


More information will be communicated in February on this drawn portrait model.

Presentation of the 2019 Mustang GT PP1 without body color

It is following an order of a Mustang GT Performance Package 1 placed by a friend that this model has joined the Lemireart inventory.

The vintage look drawing of the 2019-2020 Mustang Bullitt was the basis for this new design that can be seen finished by clicking here.

Drawing of the Corvette Stingray Z51 C8 coupe


With its new generation of rear-engine, the Corvette Stingray Z51 was another sports car to join the ranks of the Lemireart inventory in 2022.


As usual, the car is available in several body and stripe colors. The full-color drawn portrait can be seen by clicking here.

Presentation of the Shelby GT350R Heritage Edition 2020


The drawn portrait of the Shelby GT350R Heritage Edition was created to appear in Lemireart's 2023 calendar. It was the commemorative version of the 55 years of the creation of this model by Shelby American in 1965.


This edition is characterized by a light blue front grille emblem with red linkage as on the regular models of the GT350R and blue side stripes and on the car that do not have the small narrow red line on the outer edges.


The Shelby drawn portrait made its first appearance in Lemireart 2023 calendar.




Presentation of a private order of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix SE


My only exclusive order this year was for a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix SE owner.


It was an order placed by the owner's spouse who himself owns a 4th generation Camaro.


The illustration was done in a 12 X 18 inches format. The beige and blue background is standard in this private order format.


To learn more about this type of order and its 3 options, click here.

Presentation of an order for a yellow 2016 Corvette Stingray Z51


2022 will have seen an increase in orders for Corvette drawings in profile view.


The update of the website and especially the implementation of more effective SEO will have given results at this level!


This was the first order of the Corvette Stingray Z51 in the color "Corvette Racing Yellow".


Note the color of the brake shoes which are also painted in yellow, enhancing the look of the car.

3 recent orders of the green 1969 Mustang Mach 1, a red 390 engine, and a burgundy 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428.


The 1969 Mustang Mach 1 will have seen its 390 and 428 Cobra Jet derivatives ordered for the first time.


The son of the 390 Mustang Mach 1 ordered a personalized version for his father who still owns the car. For the first time on that Mach 1, I illustrated tires with white lines on the sidewalls, which were offered by Ford back in 1969.


Another interesting order was the 428 Cobra Jet version of the 1969 Mach 1. The restored car according to the photos I was able to see saw the Cobra Jet emblem appear above the tribar horse logo.

Yannick Thériault's 2022 Challenger Hellcat Red Eye (Car ordered but never build)

A customer from Rimouski, Quebec ordered a customized version of the 2022 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, without even knowing its VIN and delivery date.

One year has passed, and he will have 2023 car of another blue color because the blue ordered is not done anymore this year.

The wheels were also new on this drawn portrait resembling those of the Charger Daytona I saw at the 2020 Montreal auto show.

Diane Wilson's 1973 Mustang Mach 1


This is probably the copy of this model that shows the most banged-up look I've had since 2016.


There's a reason for that.


The car appeared in an American movie whose subject is the story of the first baseball player with a disability.


When I saw the car in the picture, I asked the client if he was thinking of restoring it one day and he told me that it was planned...


before the COVID-19 pandemic.


But that parts were too long to get, then the offer of a movie production offer came up.

Order from a yellow 1974 Triumph TR6 owner


It was during my presence at the VAQ show in Blainville that a Triumph TR6 owner ordered me a personalized copy of his car.


I had to add the front plate holder, which I saw on 2 other TR6 during the realization of the order.


I also had an interesting encounter during a show in Old Quebec, with a Triumph TR6 restorer.


He told me the radio antenna could be installed at the dealership at the owner's choice at the left, or the right of the windshield.

Presentation of an order for a red 1969 Camaro SS 350 convertible


This was the first order of the 1969 Camaro SS convertible that was placed by an owner from Sarnia Ontario, Canada.


This convertible conversion was an interesting thing to do and allows me to offer another variation of this highly coveted Camaro model.


The personalized front plate was added to the design after I offered it to the customer.


On the seats, there is a fabric area with a houndstooth pattern added.

Presentation of Scott Nadeau's double order


In the fall, I got my first order from New Brunswick, Canada since the beginning of the Lemireart.com website in 2016.


It was following a post on my groups where I asked members to show off their garage decorations and Scott has a great one.


I could qualify it as the order that involved the most work in 2022.


The customer has a Camaro SS and a Mustang GT that are both from 2014. A guy who doesn't know what he wants you might say!


The Camaro SS was reworked as were many of my drawn portraits done before 2018.


This order allowed me to add the white stripes on the hood that were offered by Chevrolet on this generation of Camaro.


The Mustang GT was made from a drawing I already have in stock, but had to touch up to enhance the caliber once printed in 16X24 inches.


The car is slightly modified with Saleen wheels and some stickers here and there that I had to add to replicate perfectly the car.




2022 was a year during which I didn't leave Quebec province too much. I did see some interesting cars during my outings in downtown Montreal!


Spotlight on a red and black Camaro ZL1 of the 5th generation


A surprising car to see on Sherbrooke Street that of the Camaro ZL1 from 2012 to 2015.


Its Nürburgring sticker also made Facebook users react, saying that you have to have driven the car on a track to put such a sticker on your car.

Spotlight on a red C8 Corvette Stingray with yellow decorative stripes.


A combination I had never seen on a C8 Corvette, was to see a red one with yellow stripes.


This is a very spectacular color combination to see on a C8 Corvette!


And what a sound!

F1 Grand Prix Weekend car spots


The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix weekend is always an opportunity to see some great cars.


A group of McLaren owners met on Sherbrooke street on Friday night for a party organized by the brand.


LaFerrari was also seen the next day, as well as many other exotic cars of this type.

Spot of a 2000 SVT Cobra R


A car I hadn't seen very often since its arrival on the market is the SVT Cobra R with its huge rear spoiler.


After examining it to make sure I wasn't fooled, I was able to get confirmation from the car's owner that it was indeed a 2000 Cobra R.




2022 will have seen the publication of bilingual review articles with illustrations as the main image.


Some reviews will also have a small sketches section added at the end of the articles, to demonstrate my ability to draw any car model.


So here are those articles that can be viewed by clicking on the title image.




2022 will have allowed me to follow training on how to obtain professional contracts in automotive illustration.


The creation of review articles with illustrations will have been the first phase to build a seller portfolio for that kind of clientele.


Sketches of cars made to illustrate articles on Lemireart

Presentation of my new artist corporative pictures


Following my photo shoot with some of my work, it allowed me to create a bank of photos that I can use for social media and for the promotion of my activity as an illustrator specializing in automotive art.

The photo with my 5-feet wide artwork was made to show to media and companies that I can do it in large format without loss of quality in the car artwork.


A big thank you to Isabelle Gauthier of Zabell Photo for your excellent photographic work!


Presentation of some fictitious posters for car events


Another action done during 2022 was the creation of fictitious posters for car shows which are more and more numerous in Canada and elsewhere.

I present these posters at my exhibitions to showcase to different car clubs and event promoters what their poster could look like with my automotive illustrations incorporated.


There is a production and usage fees for this type of work as I don't do volunteer work in this area!


The commemorative Go Like Hell editorial illustration Ford's return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


It's following the presentation of the 2024 Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show that I created this illustration. It commemorates the return of Ford to the 24 hours of Le Mans in a GT class.


The expression "Go like hell" was used by the president of Ford during the presentation and refers to the movie Ford vs Ferrari.


The two emblematic yellow and blue colors of the background refer to the colors of the vibrators of the 24 hours of the Le Mans circuit.

Portrait of Max Verstappen F1 World Champion 2022


Having started this portrait earlier in the season, it wasn't until Max Verstappen was crowned for the 2nd year in a row that I had the opportunity to post it on social media.


It's also an addition to my portfolio of well-known personalities involved in motorsports that I made this portrait.

 I have been a Formula 1 fan since the Gilles Villeneuve years.


I like to predict who will be the Formula 1 world champion after 3 races. I have a no worse score, but with the extended seasons of more than 20 races, it's more frequent that I'm wrong!


An invitation to automotive event promoters and specialized media


To learn more about my services in advertising illustration for an event or an article to be published in specialized media, click here.




Like last year, I created a calendar that uses some of my best car illustrations from the "New Generation" collection.


Special editions of models exclusive to this calendar have been created.


These newly drawn portraits will join the ranks of Lemireart's inventory in the coming weeks and months, as will the Corvette Grand Sport Carbon 65 and the Shelby GT350R Heritage Edition.

To see the calendar available in French only in more detail, click 




An invitation from Alain Bellehumeur of the Gilles Villeneuve Museum led me to my first exhibition in Berthierville, Quebec called the Mondial de l'Auto. My 5 feet wide work made its only public appearance there in 2022.


I met some interesting car owners as usual!

My second exhibition was in Blainville, Quebec.


It was my first experience in a VAQ classic car exhibition.


A 2 weeks promotional campaign on social networks will have led to more visitors than usual to my booth, which made me talk to them more than usual too!


2 British car illustrations were exposed for the first time during the event.


For those interested, my place is already reserved for August 2023!

And finally, the Puces Mécaniques allowed me to exhibit for the 3rd time in Drummondville, Quebec, my native town.


I had prepared a setup of 4 drawn portraits of white or light grey cars printed in 16X24 inches format.


I noticed more Drummondville resident owners than in my previous visits.


The next edition of the event will be held in March 2024.

Saturday was the busiest of the 2 days of the event.


I had my first paid order since I started exhibiting my work as a car portraitist.


The 1 to 2 months promotion campaign paid off, especially since the client came from Rivière du Loup, a 5 hours drive, and met the only other 2013 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro SS owner in Quebec... at my booth.




Exclusive private commission (12X18 inches)


12X18 inches in customized version


14X21 inches (No pictures in this section)


16X24 inches



11X14 inches


16X20 inches

That concludes this review of the year 2022 and hoping to see my car drawings appear on some event posters or advertisements related to the automobile in 2023!


And if this year's review has made you want to treat yourself, don't hesitate to contact me by email at info@lemireart.com, or by phone at 514 528 8908!





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