MY 2019 YEAR

It was a whole year living as an automotive portraitist and as a globetrotter who loved visiting world-class automotive events in caliber destinations to receive these events!




The year 2019 was the continuity of 2018, with the development pursuit of the customer base of owners of high-performance Camaro and Corvette.


This is more than double the items sold that I obtained in 2019 compared to 2018 due to the addition of the 12X18 inch printing size in the supply of personalized drawn car portraits which are stock from factory car drawings that can be sold at more than one owner with color adjustment to match owners cars. The new vintage-looking designs series which are in 11X14 inch size can also be sold to more than one owner. Some even ask for a second copy to display during car shows!


•  •  •




It is with the addition of the drawn portrait of the Corvette Z06 C7, an optional smoke background that is available for the versions larger than 14X21 inches.


The Corvette drawings done in profile view of the 1996 Grand Sport and the 50th anniversary edition marketed in 2003 models, get the lower finish of the specification area to be enhanced, as well as the tires are more accurate on the drawing level with, in particular, the tire edge with crampons.


These drawings found their first customers.


To see these Corvette drawings in more detail as well as the rest of the Lemireart inventory, click here.


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On the Camaro field, the 1LE models from 2013 and 2019 years were the newcomers to the Lemireart inventory. The 6th generation Camaro ZL1 should debut at before the end of 2019, especially since there have already been 2 sales on this drawn portrait.


The new features of this drawn portrait are that it is the first to have the carbon fiber of the hood scoop and the stitching of the seats to be drawn.

Adding a race track is starting to be an option that is gaining popularity as the example of the G6 Camaro ZL1 above shows.


To see these Camaro drawings in more detail as well as the rest of the Lemireart's inventory, click here


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The Mopars are entering the Lemireart inventory with the spectacular drawn portrait of the 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Wide Body, the most detailed drawing made to date. This drawn portrait, like the one of the Corvette Z06 C7, offers the opportunity to have an optional background added with smoke.


Like Corno, the well-known Quebec artist, this is my “leader” drawing whose drawn car portraits to follow. It will follow the traces in style and attention to detail as it is possible to see with enlargements of the front grille. and the front wheels.


The realization of this drawn automobile portrait allowed me to have an experience, that of calculating my hours. A customer who would like to have this drawing caliber as a private order, it would cost him between US$530/CA$700 and US$700/CA$900 to have it done. And the framing is not provided at this price ...


So I have to sell between 5 and 13 copies of this drawing to enter my investment in time and money.


To follow what will happen in 2020 with some variants of the wide body version of the Dodge Challenger!

To see the drawing of the 2018 Challenger Hellcat Wide Body in more detail, click here.


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The Mustang representatives have added the drawn portrait of the 2012 BOSS 302 last spring! A Quebec City owner showed me his passion for his beauty at the fantastic ISCA Auto Sport show in Quebec City. Will I exhibit there one day?

2019 also has the opportunity to start a new collection of car drawing in a smaller printing size (11X14 inch) and the Mustang models from before 1973 were the first to appear in this series with a beige background that I call "vintage-looking car drawing". It is a product that seems to appeal to the owners of these cars shown, having sold my first copies of each of the cars fairly quickly.


The clientele comes from areas as varied as Germany, Quebec, USA, and France. I must believe that this product has found its customers!

To see these Mustang drawings in more detail as well as the rest of the Lemireart inventory, click here.


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In February 2019 saw an increase in prices for products signed by Lemireart. It is the drawn portraits that have been increased and the 12X18 format in personalized version has been added to give customers who cannot afford a 14X21 inch format the opportunity to go for this new format at a more affordable price.


Once increased, prices for "vintage-looking car drawings" could be set to a new lower level, because less detailed than the drawn portraits which are the pinnacle of what Lemireart is offering at the moment.


Yes, there is something new that is coming into motorsport and that should have its own drawing level of which I present to you studies of portraits of famous personalities in motorsports.




There was less participation in exhibitions in 2019 than in 2018 when I was the official sponsor of the Laval Auto Sport car club.


I participated as an exhibitor with my printed drawings at the Festival Corvette Camaro held at the Chevrolet-Buick-GMC dealership in Victoriaville, Quebec! I took the opportunity to live the Air BNB experience.

An anecdote from this exhibition in Victoriaville, an owner of Shelby GT350R asked me the price for having a drawing of his car. I showed him my drawing of the Shelby GT350 and gave him the price of a drawn portrait that can be purchased by more than one customer. He asked me if he had exclusivity at this price ...


It was at this moment that I decided that the next drawn portrait that I would make, I would count my hours, which was done with the Challenger Hellcat Wide Body seen earlier on this page.


2nd anecdote of this exhibition, an owner of a Camaro Hot Wheels 50 years Edition in convertible version asked me to draw his car. I ask him for a deposit payment, which he refuses to pay for fear of not liking the result. I then ask him if there is one of my exhibited drawings that he does not like. And always tells me he's not interested in giving a deposit payment.


To do business with me, you have to give a deposit payment, otherwise, I don't work at all ...


•  •  •




The second exhibition took place at the Rouville Car Show, located in the Mont Saint-Hilaire region, close to Montreal.


It was an event organized on a campsite with a beach on an artificial lake. The context was quite special to see an exhibition in such a place.


The Muscle Car Club of Quebec was the most represented with modern muscles cars of the 21st century!

During this exhibition, a simple question often came up. How much to draw my car?


Having a concept of selling designs of stock from factory cars, I replied that I would give them a price after the event.


Since most of the interested owners had modifications to their cars, I started to think about what to do and the conclusion was as follows.


And if I created a type of entry-level private commissioned drawing for this kind of client that would be less time consuming compared to the design of the Challenger which was my top in terms of time I took to draw it.


Here is the result achieved with a 2019 Mustang GT PP2 with aftermarket wheels that I photographed during the event.

The price for a 12"X18" format has been set at US$190/CA$250. If you included a professionally done frame that included a simple matte, it would all cost CA$395. The framing option is not available for the USA.


•  •  •




A third presence was in a Corvette cruise night which took place in a Chevrolet dealership in Saint-Eustache. It was a 5 to 7 type of event which, to my surprise, attracted quite a lot of Corvette owners!

Another exhibitor's anecdote, an owner with whom I spoke to me, said that by using some traditional technique to make my drawings such as watercolor, acrylic or oil painting, people would be more interested.


What this person does not know is that it would cost them over US$770/CA$1000 to have such an artwork. Does an owner who keeps his vehicle between 3 and 6 years wants to pay this amount and get stuck with an artwork that he doesn't want to look at anymore especially if he moves on to a different project?


A drawn and personalized car portrait can be passed on to the next owner. Some customers that have ordered me printed drawings in the past did it without the owner's name written on there printed drawing.


•  •  •




This year was special for me in this area, completing the illustrations on the cover pages of a novel trilogy published by Éditeurs Réunis. The illustrations were done in the style of the "Car and Architecture" collection which can be seen by clicking here.


The 2 orders for the "Rue Principale" novels cover pages of volumes 2 and 3 were one of the most profitable. The publishing world has the good thing that a cover page can be traded at a much higher rate than an illustration for an inside page of a book. This is due to the use made by the publisher to promote the book whose cover page is provided by an illustrator.

Following the Montreal book fair which took place in November, it mentioned in Radio-Canada's Téléjournal the publication of a large number of books, a high percentage of which were novels.


•  •  •




Another publishing experience was the publication of the Ford Mustang illustrated article on the first 10 years (1964 1 / 2-1973) in the Mustang Club de France, "Le Pony Express magazine" centerfold which I had met members at a supper held during the Rétromobile de Paris weekend.


I really appreciated this attention and look forward to repeating one of these days!



To finish this overview of the Lemireart's 2019 year, I present to you a selection of orders that I obtained. Hoping that some owners who will see these pictures will be tempted to place an order!

To see the car events I visited in 2019, which was a big year for me with trips to Paris and London, click here.